Welcome to a website about the Village of Chatham in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  The village itself has a small population and usually not much goes on.  However, the people that do live here have a great sense of pride for the community in which they reside.  Let's face it; there are very few good paying jobs within the Chatham area, let alone in the Upper Peninsula.  For some, Chatham and Rock River Township were where they grew up and even though they may have to drive thirty or more miles down the road to work, they wouldn't have it any other way.  Others may enjoy it for the simple fact of loving the outdoors in a beautiful, country setting.  The summers are beautiful with mild temperatures while the winters are quite rugged with plenty of snow.  However, that doesn't deter most from staying.  Whatever the reason, Chatham is a special town.  Yes, it's small but it has a rich history dating back to the 1800's.   If you are unfamiliar about the community, be sure to check out the pages we have to offer on this site and learn a little bit about the Village of Chatham.






















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General Information About Chatham, MI
Chatham, MI and Rock River Twp. History
Businesses of Chatham, MI
Photos of Chatham, Michigan
Community Events of Chatham, MI
Forgotten Places of the Chatham Area
Snowmobile Chatham, MI
More than Just a Name -- Slapneck, MI
The Laughing Whitefish Falls Near Chatham
The AuTrain Falls Near Chatham
The Rock River Falls Near Chatham
Remembering the Old Eben School
Web Sites About Chatham, MI




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