"Coup DeVille" was a significant episode in the lives of Phil and Lil DeVille.  It signaled a great change in their relationship as twin siblings.  They had always been together; even sharing the same room and enjoying the same activities together.  They were inseparable and best friends to each other.  But then Lil was beginning to show signs that she wanted to do things more on her own.  She needed her own space, away from Phil, and in "Coup DeVille," it was clearly evident.  It all began when she started hanging out with a new group of friends.  They disliked Phil for all of his goofiness, but in the end, Lil realized how important it was being a twin and how she needed Phil after all.
Pictures from: "Coup DeVille"
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One of Phil's favorite games is "what's my smell," where Dil tries guessing what he smells.
Lil is hanging out with some new friends and they think Phil is obnoxious.
Chuckie is complaining about taking a fitness test when he's so uncoordinated.
Here are Diane and Leslie.  Diane is hosting a party and she invites Lil.
Lil complains to the entire class about being paired up with Phil on every class project.
Phil confronts Lil about her recent behavior, and asks her why she's acting so different.
Phil, Dil, and Tommy react when they think Chuckie purposely skipped class.
All Lil wants is her own independence from Phil, but Phil just doesn't understand.
Betty asks Lil what they can do to make her have her own independence.
Today, Chuckie is standing up for his rights, but Tommy wonders what will happen tomorrow.
Even though Lil has moved out of their room, Betty tells Phil that she's just down the hall.
Dil tries filling in as Phil's new twin, since Lil has bailed on him.
When Pangborn wonders where Chuckie is, Tommy doesn't give away any clues.
Phil and Dil take a picture together as a new twin pair (don't those outfits look familiar?).
Diane and Lil are off to the party, while Phil hangs out around home.
Pangborn finds Chuckie in a flooded locker room, in a most precarious position.
The DeVille's are at Nick and Dick's Twin Canyons resort in this family movie.
Lil sticks up for her brother as Diane and the others make fun of him.
Despite Lil wanting her independence, she and Phil are as close as ever in the end.
Phil and Lil are showing Chuckie, Tommy, and Dil the movie of their vacation.
And this concludes this picture gallery, highlighting the episode "Coup DeVille."  Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures...thanks!
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