Welcome to the Upper Michigan Informer ... a website about Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  From the people that make the U.P. its home, to the traditions from a time when settlers first stepped on this land and everything in between.  You will find copious amounts of information regarding the Upper Peninsula.

For anyone who has spent time, even just a few months in the U.P., there are memories of this special place stored in your mind that can never be forgotten.  If you happen to forget them, I hope that this website is here to help you remember the beauty and splendor of this land.










The U.P. is like no other place in the United States, with its unending beauty, its pristine lands and the diverse change of seasons.  There are so many different things to see and do in the U.P. that it takes many days, weeks, months and even years to see it all!  So come back with us to the simple life in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.  Enjoy!



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